Member Login Instructions

To register, click on the Member Registration link below, and enter your Member Number, First Name and Last Name exactly as they appear on your account statement (Note: Your name is typically in our system as your given name).  For example, if your given name is Jonathan but you go by John our system will not be able to recognize you as our Member unless the name Jonathan is used. When a Spouse or Significant Other registers, the primary members number will be used followed by -01, for example XXX-01.

After going through this process, you will be prompted to change your user name and password. The username has no restrictions other than no spaces can be used in the username. The password minimum is six characters, any six or more of your choosing. You will also be prompted to enter your email address. This email address will only be used to send you an email reset to your password in the event it is forgotten.

For detailed instructions, please click here.  If you need assistance, please contact the Club by calling (916) 783-4600 ext.27  

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